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Hey you, I'm Lucy

I am a Qualified Life Coach dedicated to empowering you to come back home to who you are by building your self-esteem & confidence 💥



I have spent the last few years learning & trialing the best ways to support you to be able to live a life free of your inner critic.


I now specialize in self-worth, self-esteem, self-love & confidence coaching.


I also specialize in mindfulness, CBT & NLP to allow you to live a life with total freedom from your inner turmoil & giving you the power to manage your life.

Katy's Testimonial

''At the time of first starting with Lucy, I was in a pretty crap place. I had no confidence, struggled being assertive at work and in my relationship. I felt out of control and knew I wasn't happy and in order to be happy I had to address these issues. For me first deciding to invest in coaching was daunting and spending money worried me. But I realised I would spend this money on my car, a holiday, why would you not spend that money investing in yourself. I realised I had to invest in myself. I am a big believer that short term loss is a long term gain. This was a short term financial loss for a long term life change. My first 90 minute session with lucy was so moving and emotional. Lucy did a visualisation to work on connecting and healing my childhood self. I knew from that session on I made the right decision, What followed from there was incredible, two weeks in I made huge life changes and I continued to change and grow. I am so much more confident. assertive, self aware and have a better understanding of who I am. I feel more connected to my body and also feel so much better about who I am and my body. My relationships, work and money have all changed. My friends tell me I look so happy and glowing. I no longer suffer with anxiety. The results have been amazing. I would recommend Lucy to anyone,  If you feel you can't afford to invest in yourself, I think you should do it, this experience has been more powerful than any holiday I have ever been on. Just do it, there is no better''

Lucy's Journey

Do you struggle to like & own who you are?

Do you struggle with your low self-esteem & confidence?




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