My Story

I am a qualified Life Coach, Spiritual Healer, Empath & star sign Cancer (meaning I feel things... deeply).

I have spent years disconnected & lost from my true self and am finally living life as just me, Lucy.

For me and many of my clients, a lot of my problems & insecurities stem from childhood.

From when I was a child until my early 20's I was labeled pretty nasty names which deeply affected my self-esteem. You see when you are a child, you are like a sponge, you are soaking up everything around you and learning about who you are.

These names stopped me from having a good relationship with myself.


Through therapy I uncovered how low my self esteem really was, and it seemed the more work I did on myself the more I realised... Holy shit I am not being myself. I didn't even know who the real me was. 


It was only through connecting with the spiritual elements and having therapy on a deeper level that I was able to reconnect to the soul me, the version of me that I truly was. Connecting with my spiritual tools I have never felt more alive and I have never seen more incredible results. 

I have never felt more connected to my soul's essence, she guides me, empowers me, helps me live a life of fulfillment & inner love. 

 I am glowing from the inside out, and that is true beauty.


My work

I help women like you get back in touch with your soul so that you can live a happier, more confident & connected life.

I believe in souls and that each soul is here on this planet for a reason.

Living in this day and age we have gotten so disconnected from our inner light, goddess, soul, higher self whatever you call her. We live a life of disconnect and all the messages we consume add to this.


I help women reconnect with their souls so they can finally live a life beyond their current limits. When you live from your soul, life is magical. Your self worth sky rockets, you finally feel good in your skin, you know who you are, everything you could desire becomes available to you.

I help each of my clients in a very intuitive & personalised way. Helping you untap your soul, fall back in love with yourself, feel empowered, and learn the tools to bring back the light into your life.

I describe my client's souls as little orbs of light, which have been scratched, dented, and the light is taken out of it. 

I help you heal the younger version of you, relight your soul & build your boundaries and create the life you desire from the inside out. 


Why I'm different

I use spiritual tools, psychic abilities, tarot, inner child healing, energy healing, visualisations, meditations, CBT techniques & coaching to support you in achieving your dreams. 

I personalise my healing package so that you can see real results, because I truly believe one size does not fit all. 


I have been told that I am an incredibly intuitive person, so allow me to use my intuition and skills to change your life.

I will be your cheerleader, your agony aunt, your coach, and your mentor.

We will do this together and start you on this amazing personal journey. 

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