I have had women release trauma which they have held for over 30 years in just one session. I have had women who have decided to up and leave their partner in just one session with me. This shows you the power that just one session can have.


  • You lack confidence & have low self-esteem?

  • You have struggled with your confidence & self-esteem longer than you can remember?

  • You don't feel good enough?

  • You are always comparing yourself to other women?

  • You can't see what value you bring to the world?

  • You always doubt yourself?

  • You struggling to voice your feelings to people who push you around?

  • You are fed up with feeling unhappy with who you are?

  • You hide from the world? (Avoid being in pictures, on Instagram & avoid dating or date idiots)

  • Do you feel your low self-worth & self-esteem are stopping you from moving forward?

  • You are struggling with your mental health because of all this?

Join me for a 2 hour healing experience.


Where we will dive deep into healing what is holding you back, start shifting your energy so you are able to move forward living of ease. This is an incredibly transformative session to give you everything you need when you are unable to invest in the full program but need support right now. 



Here is what Shoana said

''The session that I had with Lucy was beyond anything I could ever explain, she took me through a HUGE clearing and then guided me through reactivation and true connection with spirit, the downloads that came through just within the session we're huge but I feel like I will be benefiting from this activation for days. She spoke so beautifully and was so connected into my energy, it was a beautiful container to be in and the permission I was given allowed me a safe space to truly step in to my true power, thank you, thank you, thank you. She truly shifted a life's worth of limiting beliefs within me, and then activated my power all within one hour.'''

I have had women release over 30 years of self doubt, limiting beliefs and insecurities in just one hour. Imagine how a 2 hour session with me could help shift you right now.



What other women have said?


''At the time of first starting with Lucy, I was in a pretty crap place. I had no confidence, struggled being assertive at work and in my relationship. I felt out of control and knew I wasn't happy and in order to be happy I had to address these issues. For me first deciding to invest in coaching was daunting and spending money worried me. But I realised I would spend this money on my car, a holiday, why would you not spend that money investing in yourself. I realised I had to invest in myself. I am a big believer that short term loss is a long term gain. This was a short term financial loss for a long term life change. My first 90 minute session with lucy was so moving and emotional. Lucy did a visualisation to work on connecting and healing my childhood self. I knew from that session on I made the right decision, What followed from there was incredible, two weeks in I made huge life changes and I continued to change and grow. I am so much more confident. assertive, self aware and have a better understanding of who I am. I feel more connected to my body and also feel so much better about who I am and my body. My relationships, work and money have all changed. My friends tell me I look so happy and glowing. I no longer suffer with anxiety. The results have been amazing. I would recommend Lucy to anyone,  If you feel you can't afford to invest in yourself, I think you should do it, this experience has been more powerful than any holiday I have ever been on. Just do it, there is no better

investment than yourself.''


''Oh my!!!! I've just finished 8 week one to one coaching sessions with Lucy and the transformation within myself is incredible!! I signed up to the coaching because I felt lost, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I felt like something was holding me back from believing in myself and living my dream life. Lucy was down to earth, listened, was open and honest, it felt like I was just talking to a friend!! I've grown in confidence, I've learnt to control my anxiety and not let it take over and rule my life. I'm excited for my future, I believe in myself and I know I can do anything I want!! If you are hesitant and feel stuck, book your introductory call with Lucy, you will not look back! Trust me!!''

Kirsty M-

''I felt immediately at ease working with Lucy and enjoyed her ability to build rapport quickly, enabling you to get the most out of the session.  Lucy listens well, questions what support you need and helps clarify your coaching goals. In the session, I explored a role play technique Lucy suggested and I felt it was a really powerful way to support an issue I felt I have carried with me for over 30 years! This had an immediate positive impact on my confidence challenge and now feel I am better equipped to deal with situations I have previously found challenging - brilliant!''


''Slimming world, weight watchers, crash diets, I have tried them all. Not only did they not work in the long term, but they made me feel guilty when my weight yo-yo’d. My relationship with myself was damaging, self deprecating and toxic. I valued my self worth on my weight that week. After one session with Lucy, I realised how unkind I was being to myself. Lucy talked me through the realities of treating my body and mind that way.  I have never felt more liberated and I’d like to thank Lucy for changing my outlook. I am happier than I’ve ever been without a crash diet in sight. Lucy is a Life Coach for a reason.''

Soul Activation Session



  • Get you clear on what is holding you back and start learning how to release it

  • Together we will do some of my healing exercises to help you come back to yourself

  • Give you the instant kick of empowerment & self love you have been waiting for

  • I will give you actual steps to help you on your journey on moving forward to improve your self worth & self esteem

  • We will do meditations & visualisations to help you release & call in how you want to feel​

  • 2 hours with me and you will leave feeling the lightest and most connected & empowered version of yourself you HAVE EVER FELT

  • I will even include my mood boosting pad for you!


What will we cover?

I work with each client intuitively and will adapt my work to support them on an individual basis. Below is a list of examples of the work we can dive into.


  • Coaching & CBT in a range of topics


  • The gold dust to my work. All of our limiting beliefs & insecurities step from childhood. When we are young we are like a sponge, soaking everything up, building our identity. So if the information you are consuming is negative, then of course your sense of identity is warped. The good news is, this does not come from you, you were born a pure soul, whole and good enough. So what we do is dive into past experiences, core beliefs you have about yourself & experiences you've had and help heal them so you can move forward.

  • I use meditations here to help you heal & connect to the younger you.



  • I use powerful meditations & visualisations to excel the impact the coaching, mentoring & healing work has

  • This can include connecting your younger self, higherself, angels, guides, connecting with your future etc



  • I use my energetic healing tools to support you in letting go of what is holding you down

  • The body holds onto emotion so it is important to clear these and detach so you can feel happy, lighter & free



  • Using guides & angels to support you in your healing and guide you moving forward

  • Tarot readings

  • Higher self connection & guidance

  • Chakra clearing



  • Helping you reconnect with your body, release shame around pleasure and allow you to feel your best & most connected sexual self


  • Sometimes we can adopt limitings beliefs, trauma and patterns of being from previous generations in our family. For example there will be a reason depression & patterns run in the family, if you do not do the healing & break the chain it will continue to be passed on. It is important to cut the cord in your life time to stop passing on these issues & heal yourself.



  • There are instances where we can still be attached to traumas, limiting beliefs & habits which we had in a previous soul life time. These can manifest physically in our lives so it is important to go in identify them and release them to free you to live your full potential in this life time.


  • Uncovering & connecting with your soul & creating a life of magic

  • Waking up to the truth there is more available to you 

The work I do with clients is beyond what I can describe on a web page. It is impactful, it releases emotion, it will make you cry, it will make you excited. It is incredible. This information gives you a mere snippet.

Book in a £30 taster session and learn more about my coaching.