Are you standing in your own way?

Can you imagine a life where you did the things you said you'd do, like joining a Yoga course, joining an evening pottery class or attending a meet up?

Can you imagine how you'd feel when you know you haven't done the things you said you'd do for yourself? Maybe it was to read more, or see more friends?

Maybe you'd feel low, heavy, tired, unfulfilled and unhappy like things never change...

Now can you....

  • Imagine how you'd feel after attending a meet up or class?

  • Imagine how you'd feel having achieved something which you were scared to do?

  • Imagine how you'd feel after that run you've been putting off for days?

Maybe you'd feel proud, buzzing, excited, happy, content, brave and unstoppable...

(I suggest you don't just read this and write down your own answers)

So what is stopping you from doing the thing you said you would try out or do more of? I want you to think of one thing (I am sure I have already triggered one). And ask yourself why??

I bet you have just given yourself a reasonable explanation like I was tired after work, I got caught up watching TV, I keep forgetting to check the times of the class I want to go to...

Is this a reasonable explanation? Or is this just an excuse to make yourself feel better?

The first step in moving forward is acknowledging the behaviour you have been holding. There will be a 'pay off' for your behaviour and choices, maybe it makes you feel safe by staying in and not joining something, maybe it makes you feel secure, and your current situation is more familiar.

But the question is, how amazing would you feel afterwards VS how you feel by not doing it?

It's all a mindset, there is no big cure for procrastination or avoidance, HELL EVEN CONFIDENCE!

It is all a mindset we are holding, which we can choose at any time to change!

The only thing actually stopping you from doing it is you, but you are also the thing that can turn it around and help yourself do it!

Step into the fear and do it anyway, because otherwise do you want to keep seeing the same things happen to you, keep staying in the same position?

The power is in your hands (as Paddy Mcguinness would say)

Here is a picture of him to lighten your mood as that was a bit intense haha!

We are still a work in progress and these people you see who display they have amazing lives are still working on getting out of their own way.

I still have to push myself all the time, SO here is some pictures of me getting out of my own way and doing the things I love but also scare me...

Kayaking in France Total Wipe Out Course Cooking retreat in Italy

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