Being your own best friend

It's pretty normal in society now to rely on people, we seem to look to others for acceptance, confirmation and reassurance.

We look to the amount of likes on social media to see if we look good enough, we wait for compliments from friends or family, we go to our loved ones or online for reassurance from our anxieties.

We have gotten so used to looking else where that we have forgotten what it is like to love and trust ourselves.

  • Imagine not needing to text someone the minute a guy makes you feel less worthy and needing their reassurance that you are worthy.

  • Imagine what it is like to comfort your own anxieties and not needing to call your person to stop the panic or tears.

  • Imagine being able to listen to your intuition on what outfit to choose, whether a guy is giving you bad signals or needing advice which university to pick. Hell even what to have for dinner.

Imagine being your own go to person, who you tell everything to and build yourself up like you would your closest friend.

Imagine loving yourself like you love others.

The danger of relying on others is that soon, this will burn out, people get caught up on their own drama, they stop putting you first and start moving forward in life. This isn't because they're selfish, it's because they too have their own internal dialogue.

Have you ever felt annoyed that your person hasn't replied quick enough to your drama? They ignored the message? They didn't say what you want to hear? I certainly have, sometimes their advice turns out to be the wrong one and I end up being right.

It is so so so important to rely on yourself.

Be your own cheerleader everyday.

Notice your achievements even when others don't.

It isn't that hard, you just have to choose, do I want to move forward in life loving myself, supporting myself and encouraging myself?

The answer should be ABSO-FUCKIN-LUTELY

Start by writing a page or two in the morning to yourself, opening up that dialogue.

  • End everyday writing a list of the things you did well, this could be you dressed cute, your hair looked nice, you spoke to a stranger, you finished a project, you worked out etc...

  • And lastly writing as many things you can think of that you are grateful for.

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