Finding the right coach...

It can be an overwhelming experience looking for the right coach or therapist to work with. There are so many professionals out there I think it is important to know what to look for.

The coach & therapist you choose can make an incredible lasting change on your life. But likewise sadly, some people have had not so positive experiences.

So I thought I'd write a post on it to help you all make the best decision for you.

Below is check list for you to think about when finding the right coach/or well being professional for you.

  • Does the professional offer you a free call to help you decide whether you are both a good fit?

  • Does the professional push for a sale or give you time to think & consider the investment?

  • What are there testimonials like?

  • Do they seem genuine?

  • In the chemistry call how does the coach act? (Negative signs to look out for: speaking over you, interrupting you, pushing for a sale, not asking open questions to learn more about you, rushing the call)

  • Do you have they same values, interests, morals?

What I mean by this is does this person is, if you value kindness, compassion and love you are going to want to go for a coach who also displays this, rather than a coach who doesn't

  • Are they qualified & who did they qualify with?

  • What is there website like?

  • What DO YOU want in a coach, do they match this?

  • Do they have any expereince on what you want to achieve & work on?

Hopefully by considering these pointers you will be better able to find a coach who will help you transform and move your life forward.

Lucy x

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