Is this my Universal Challenge?

Well this certainly is a crazy time that we're living in...

I can't quite believe it, and I am sure you can't either. It feels like we are living out the next ITV drama.

The only way I can describe this experience for me is its like a break up.

One minute I am fine, the next I am crying over the news, then dancing trying to lift my spirits, then I emotional eat and then I feel guilty. It feels like a never ending emotional roller coaster.

But I have also been doing a lot of thinking. What is really going on here, what is the earth & universe trying to tell us. Maybe that we needed something drastic to sort our shit out?

Because let's be honest, things have kindddddddddd of been going down hill for a while now. Whether it is in your personal life, brexit, the me too movement, TRUMP and don't get me started on global warming...

I truly believe that this time has happened because the planet and universe wants us to sort our lives out. It's giving us the opportunity to stop and ask some BIG questions.

How do we want to live collectively? How do I want to live?

How do we/ I want to treat our planet?

Am I happy in my relationship?

Am I happy with myself?

Am I happy in my job?

Am I living my life how I TRULY want to?

Think of it like your own universal assignment and the world's collective assignment.

It is quite overwhelming.

BUT it is also exciting.

It means something new is over the horizon. That this will end and when it does, do you want to have changed, healed and recovered or be in the same position you were in when this started?

I am not in any way taking away from the pain going on in the world. But right now that is out of our control.

All we can control is how we are keeping ourselves and others safe, and also our own journey. Do you feel like you have been shoving your emotions and fears to the back of the closet? Like you have just been floating through life until now? Like suddenly everything has stopped and now you have got years of emotions smacking you in the face?

I know I do. I have used this time so far to listen. Listen to what is going on for me. What have I been avoiding to heal?

What have I been suppressing and how has that showed up for me?

For me I'm realising it's self acceptance.

For so long I have been ignoring this gut feeling that I am not good enough and I don't deserve to be heard.

And it stopped me showing up on social media to promote myself and my coaching practice.

But right now I am listening. I am hearing what my body and mind has to say.

The first step of healing is listening, becoming aware and being kind to what comes up. Forgiving and loving the part of you that needs healing.

Maybe you have been putting up with bad relationships, staying in a job because you think that's all you are capable of or deserve?


Do you want to get started?

Step 1) Ground yourself

- do this through meditations there is loads on youtube but I have also attached one of mine to this blog

- Move your body & dance, get in touch with yourself (Just from moving and dancing I realised how much there was part of me who wanted to have fun)

- Journal everyday as much as you can

- Buy some crystals... look into their meanings, hey even google crystal for self love, crystal for anxiety and order it, keep it on you everyday.

Step 2) Listen, accept and forgive

- Really listen to what comes up, if you notice something come up and you push it away, think... Hey that's interesting, what am I avoiding here?

- Journal on it

Step 3) Use this time to seek help

- You are going to be saving a lot of money not going out, why not find yourself an online counsellor, mentor/coach? (if you want to know the difference check out my other blog post explaining this)

Step 4) Embrace the journey, get excited about what is to come

If you want to talk I offer a free 1 hour coaching call enough time for you to see what I am like, if I am right for you and start unpicking what's going on.

After this I charge £50 an hour with a commitment of 6 session, one a week. (Payments made weekly).

I am however offering FREE coaching to anyone in the NHS or have been made unemployed.

Lots of love.

Lucy x

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