Let's talk about body image.

How do you view your body? Do you think she is beautiful, unique, good enough and glowing? Or do you see your body as not like the women on Instagram, you think your body isn't perfect, your waist isn't small enough, your legs aren't thin enough, your hair isn't long enough, your boobs aren't big enough, your bum isn't big enough.

I recently saw Kim Kardashian's instagram post which included this image.

And to be quiet honest I felt enraged. Enraged in the fact that this is the body image women aspire to, look at and compare themselves to, and bully themselves into being.

This is not ok.

Women are more than their body shape, and we should not be idolised or deemed attractive enough because of the way we look.

That is BS.

And it is 100% NOT OK for you to look at this image and tell yourself you are not good enough because you don't look like that. Because I am here to tell you,


Now, check in with yourself, if your daughter, sister or a young girl in year 8 at school openly said to you what you say to yourself about this image.

(To make this even more powerful, write the statements down that you think when you see this image)

''I am not as skinny as her''

''I will never find a boyfriend because I am not skinny or pretty enough''

''I have a fat body''

''I need to go workout and eat a clean diet because I need to be skinnier''

What would you say to her? You would likely tell her...

(Look at your statements you have written and ask yourself what would you reply to them)

  • You are beautiful just as you are

  • Every woman on this planet is unique in the way they look and that is true beauty

  • You are more than just your skinniness

  • Whether you look like an Instagram model or not will not determine whether you become a doctor, a politician, an event planner, a teacher, a therapist, a bride

  • Your friends are not friends with you because you are skinny or look a certain way, and if they are dump them

  • Your husband will not marry you because you look like an instragam model

  • Your loved ones see you for, your quirkiness, your sense of style, your smile, the way your eyes light up when you laugh, your jokes, your creativity, your sense of adventure.

Now forget about this little girl for a second.

DO YOU need to hear all of that?

DO YOU need the same compassion and love that girl needs?

ARE YOU actually deep down that little girl who doesn't feel good enough as you are?

So question is, are you going to make the choice to give yourself the kindness, compassion and love that little girl needs?

Are you going to check in with yourself on your social media and unfollow the women who display this sort of body image?

Are you going to make the choice to invest in yourself to once and for all heal this part of you?

Now I think it is important to say there isn't anything wrong with showing off your body because you are proud of it and have worked hard. All I am saying is does the world need to see it? Why are you promoting it, is it for attention, affirming you are good enough? What is really going on there. Because what Kim Kardashian has endured is constant scrutiny and bullying for the way she looks, she has been so harmed by the comments that what she doesn't realise is the impact of this is spilling into her social media. Onto the followers to pass the same judgement onto themselves.

ANYWAY now onto why you are fucking incredible...

Have you ever realised... Nothing would be on this planet if it wasn't for the female body. Every person on this planet is here because of women birthing them (yes we got sperm from the guy but we actually do all the work).

There is over 7 billion people on this planet because of WOMEN. AND YOU ARE A WOMEN SO WELL DONE FOR BEING PART OF IT.

Without women birthing people we wouldn't have electricity, we wouldn't have tv's, tables, chairs, beds, cushions, jewellery, makeup.

Literally everything on this planet is here because a woman birthed it.

Now I would say that is pretty insane, so when you think of your body as just aesthetics, not good enough and not appreciating how magical it is to be a woman. give yourself a reality check and say fuck you to the bubble of social conditioning that tells you to be more like Kim Kardashian, Kendal Jenner or whoever else.

Think about everything you have achieved because OF WHO YOU ARE not because of the way you look.

Now today I want you to go away and write a list, as many things you can think of that are incredible about you, be it the small dimples on your face, your eye colour, your achievements. everything.

Focus on that not the BS that instagram showcases that puts you into a state of comparison, judgement and envry.

I hope this sparked a fire in you, now go spend your day feeling like a unique, boss bitch, beautiful woman that you unconditionally are.



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