Pushing out of your comfort zone

How often do you push yourself out of your comfort zone?

I try my best to put myself in situations which make me nervous.

For me, it’s a way of proving any anxiety wrong that I can do things. When I had anxiety I had to learn to run again, to go out socially, to drink alcohol and more.

All because my anxiety said no you can’t do that! It’s dangerous! Even the simplest of things.

Now 2 years on I have been on a yoga retreat alone in Italy, I can drink alcohol, have moved to a new city alone, completed a total wipe out course.

All of which I probably would have had a panic attack about before. Now I always try to push myself out of my comfort zone to keep showing myself it’s ok.

I approach strangers to see if they want to go for coffee in yoga classes, I go on dates, I join new clubs and create meet ups for other women who need to make friends.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out, sometimes it does.

Either way I know I’ve learnt a lesson and move on to the next challenge.

Life is challenging, it can be shit. But we can choose how we want to live it.

My first Women Empowerment Meet Up, putting myself out there to create a safe space for women.

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