I bet you don’t think there’s much difference between the bottom two photos to the top.

But there is, the bottom two are a different person to the top two.

You can’t see it, but in the bottom two photos this girl is severely unhappy. She struggles with friendships, she spends endless time crying because she’s lonely, she feels uncomfortable in her skin but is just pretending to be confident. She pulls apart her body any time she can, clothes shopping, when she catches a glimpse in the mirror. She is relying on people and things in her life to make her feel good enough. She doesn’t believe in herself. She is putting on a face like everything is ok.

The top two is me today. A woman who doesn’t give a crap about who doesn’t like or love her. A woman who believes in herself so strongly she doesn’t need those in her life who don’t light her up. She doesn’t settle for less than she deserves whether that be people or jobs. She is strong, resilient and believes in herself. She looks at herself everyday and sees a girl who is so much kinder and loving to herself.

There is one point that I stopped singing along to songs. I stopped smiling day to day, I would have dreams about my body and wake up feeling so incredibly low.

Now... I get up and dance and sing everyday. I’m radiating light & love because I know I’m a unique and amazing person. And I am so incredibly fucking passionate about helping other women do the same.

To believe in themselves, build their relationships with themselves and be the incredible woman that they are.

How did I get there? This didn’t happen overnight and to be quite frank, I work on myself everyday. But I invested in myself to change my life. I made one choice and it’s started a whole new journey and life for me.

Here are my top tools that I do to keep myself and in positive space with my body & soul...

  • I touch each part of my body and tell her 'I love you' I created a video of this in my free resources, check it out.

  • I write as many things as I can think of about myself that I love, I don't set a limit, this can be anything from your hair, eyes, sense of style, your giving, your funny, your clumsy, anything!

  • I created an Identity board for everything I have achieved in my life, my hobbies, what I enjoy, reasons I am beautiful, my personality traits (there is another video on this in my free rescourse)

  • Gratitude list, list as many things that I am grateful for about myself, my legs, my arms, my heart, my breath, my immune system

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