Turning 25

Yesterday was my 25th birthday and I have to say I’ve never been happier.

For years I’ve struggled with loneliness, body image, anxiety, depression, ocd and low self esteem.

The only thing that’s changed between now and 5 years ago, is I’m actually trying to believe I’m good enough, I am worthy, I am successful and I am beautiful. None of that half assed work. Before I used to just bitch and envy the girls who seemed to display that. Judging them, maybe even call them up themselves. But that was just pure envy.

Envious that these women would follow their dreams despite probably their own internal battle. Envious that they showed up everyday trying to be better and push themselves out of their comfort zones. Whereas I would stay home emotional eat, put weight on, be too scared to do a job I’d love out of fearing I wasn’t good enough or it would fail. Finding (or not finding) relationships that didn’t see my worth, having friends who didn’t value me.

Then I hit breaking point. I had my mental health break down. I realised I needed to follow my passion for helping people. Did my dissertation on mental health and got an 82% compared to my usual 55%. Found a job in a charity. Then I hit another breaking point. I started experiencing sexual harassment at work and decided to cut the BS and actually do I wanted to do, be a therapist. The same weekend I submitted my complaint I signed up to my coaching qualification and here I am. 1 year later.

I’ve not always felt amazing this last year and I’m still working on me everyday. (There is no end goal we just keep evolving). But I took a chance on myself.

No ones telling you this journey is going to be easy. But everything you’ve been through has led you to today. If you feel stuck, like life is dull and unfulfilling, like you wake up each day unhappy, unmotivated, not liking yourself, never feeling good enough. Like you’ll never find the right partner. Whatever it is for you.

Make today, this week, this year that breaking point for you. If you invest in yourself imagine where you could be in 12 weeks. In 6 weeks one of my clients has achieved too many things to list. I don’t regret or would change anything as I’ve learnt so much and everything that’s happened to me has made me who I am today. But imagine if you cut the BS and invested now. Rather than waiting another year, 2 years.

Imagine what could be possible x

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