What is enough for you?

I listened to a podcast this morning about 'what is good enough for you' and it really got me thinking, what is good enough for me? When will I be happy with what I have got and achieved?

We seem to be constantly striving for perfection and achieving in our lives, whether this be in your relationship with your partner, your relationship with yourself, your job, getting a promotion, buying new gifts or new adventures.

But do we ever actually consider that when do achieve this if that's good enough. Or do we think, right what's next on my list, like we are chasing the next high.

We never actually enjoy the moment of achieving something and quite often we don't realise that we may have already achieved it.

For example, I have worked on myself a lot this past few years, I saw a therapist and started seeing a personal trainer.

I felt fat, unattractive, low self worth, felt like life kept handing me bad experiences and was fed up of a cycle of negative behaviour.

From seeing the therapist she would often ask me, how are you today on the happiness scale from 1-10, 10 being the best. I would rate myself and then she would ask me what a 10 looked like.

I would often say, better body, more friends, better self confidence and more.

Months later having seen the personal trainer and making new friends I finally felt more comfortable in who I was. I was in the best shape I had ever been, I felt good in my skin, I was socialising a lot and was feeling generally happy.

Yet when my therapist asked me the same question of where I was on the happiness scale I still wasn't very high. Even though I was actually living at what I previously described as a 10.

I realised I was constantly striving to be this better version of myself but never actually looking at myself and realising that I am enough.

I don't need to keep pushing myself to be this person, I already am her.

I want you to think about this situation and compare it to your own life...

Are you constantly striving for something more?

Is anything ever enough for you in your life? Is this need for more affecting your relationship with yourself or people in your life?

I want to encourage you to really think about this.

In what areas in your life is this showing up?

Is this something which needs working on?

Is it actually holding you back from being happy?

If this brings something up for you that you would like to work on in coaching with me, drop me a message. I'd love to help you start seeing your potential and living the life you deserve.

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