Healing Work Testimonials

Lucy Hannah- 29- Coach

''I have been coaching with Lucy since May 2020, I have tried counselling, those sorts of things. I came across Lucy and decided to go for it. In just 8 weeks I had found me again, completely transformed, started my own business and now I have re-signed with Lucy now to continue working on myself. It has been one of the best experiences I have ever had, I can honestly say coming from each session I always feel ready for the week ahead. I know I can catch up with Lucy in the week if I feel I need extra support. I would recommend Lucy to absolutely anyone. She is fantastic at what she does, she is super supportive in anything I have wanted to talk about and her meditations are always incredible. If you ever  thought about coaching just go for it, it is one of the best things I have ever ever done.''

Poppy- 26

''Slimming world, weight watchers, crash diets, I have tried them all. Not only did they not work in the long term, but they made me feel guilty when my weight yo-yo’d. My relationship with myself was damaging, self deprecating and toxic. I valued my self worth on my weight that week. After one session with Lucy, I realised how unkind I was being to myself. Lucy talked me through the realities of treating my body and mind that way. I have never felt more liberated and I’d like to thank Lucy for changing my outlook. I am happier than I’ve ever been without a crash diet in sight. Lucy is a Life Coach for a reason''

Alice- 25-Financial Adviser

''I’ve been unhappy in my job for over a year now and felt like it was just how my life was going to be. After months of considering speaking to a life coach for some direction I approached Lucy. She asked the questions I’d been telling myself didn’t matter, or I couldn’t change, and I realised what I want to do is not only achievable, but is vital for my own fulfilment and growth. Lucy asked me to visualise my life now, and how I felt after visualising the life I want. I cannot describe how enlightening this exercise was, and made me realise how achievable my dreams are. That I am more than capable of changing things, and why it is so important to go for it. I would not hesitate to recommend Lucy for 1:1 sessions, or her workshops.''

''At the time of first starting with Lucy, I was in a pretty crap place. I had no confidence, struggled being assertive at work and in my relationship. I felt out of control and knew I wasn't happy and in order to be happy I had to address these issues. For me first deciding to invest in coaching was daunting and spending money worried me. But I realised I would spend this money on my car, a holiday, why would you not spend that money investing in yourself. I realised I had to invest in myself. I am a big believer that short term loss is a long term gain. This was a short term financial loss for a long term life change. My first 90 minute session with lucy was so moving and emotional. Lucy did a visualisation to work on connecting and healing my childhood self. I knew from that session on I made the right decision, What followed from there was incredible, two weeks in I made huge life changes and I continued to change and grow. I am so much more confident. assertive, self aware and have a better understanding of who I am. I feel more connected to my body and also feel so much better about who I am and my body. My relationships, work and money have all changed. My friends tell me I look so happy and glowing. I no longer suffer with anxiety. The results have been amazing. I would recommend Lucy to anyone,  If you feel you can't afford to invest in yourself, I think you should do it, this experience has been more powerful than any holiday I have ever been on. Just do it, there is no better''

Katy- 26- Digital Marketing Executive


''Lucy is an excellent and empathetic listener. She gently asks questions to help you explore the answers within yourself. She creates a positive and non-judgemental environment to safely express and explore your feelings''

Michelle Jackson- 35- Research & Development Manager

''I highly recommend Lucy as a confidence coach. I was nervous before I had my chemistry call and once we had our chat I was totally at ease and knew I wanted to have sessions with Lucy. She has helped me enormously and at one point I was struggling with what I wanted to do especially around my university studies and after one of my sessions I was able to get out of my mindset and be clear on what I wanted. I have more of a focus on what I want from my life. Lucy is incredibly good at helping you realise why you are being hard on yourself and also how to try and stop it. I think Lucy is well suited as a confidence coach due to her understanding nature and she really does want to help you succeed.''

Lucy Hannah- 29- Coach

''Lucy has been absolutely incredible!!! I started coaching with lucy in May. I signed up for 8 weeks and wow!!!! What an incredible journey I’ve been on. I had a big breakdown in February due to bullying and loosing my complete identity! I was suicidal I was on medication and had tried counselling but it didn’t work! In those short 8 weeks I’ve gone from feeling so low about myself and feeling like I can’t be who I want to be to starting my own business!!! I have completely transformed. I’ve allowed myself to listen to my intuition and trust it again. It’s been that incredible I’m signing back up for a further 12 weeks to keep me accountable in my business and my mindset! I will forever be grateful to lucy and how amazing she is! If you have any doubts just do it. Get on that call and allow yourself to transform!''


''Oh my!!!! I've just finished 8 week one to one coaching sessions with Lucy and the transformation within myself is incredible!! I signed up to the coaching because I felt lost, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I felt like something was holding me back from believing in myself and living my dream life. Lucy was down to earth, listened, was open and honest, it felt like I was just talking to a friend!! I've grown in confidence, I've learnt to control my anxiety and not let it take over and rule my life. I'm excited for my future, I believe in myself and I know I can do anything I want!! If you are hesitant and feel stuck, book your introductory call with Lucy, you will not look back! Trust me!!''

Megan- 25

''Lucy has been such a motivational and inspirational help to me. I have PTSD and I suffer with anxiety, when I am around or speaking to Lucy I feel at ease, her voice is so welcoming and calming. Lucy has given me to tools to manage these feelings I thought I could not control, she also gave me the support to know how to use these tools. I have loved hearing from Lucy how she has overcome certain parts of her life, this has helped me understand that I can overcome these feelings too and it’s just temporary. Lucy is always at the other end of the phone and allowed me to know that having her as a coach offers me the support and stability I need, at this part of my life. One of the main factors Lucy helped me overcome was negative relationships, Lucy gave me the confidence and realisation of my self-worth, this gave me tools to work on how to love myself and care for myself.  ''

Laura- 28- NHS 

''Lucy is such a calm and reassuring person. She eased me into opening up about things that perhaps felt slightly uncomfortable, and in doing so, helped me see them in a completely different way. After just one session, I felt empowered, confident and strong, and when Lucy read me back my affirmation quotes, it made me very emotional. She has such positive energy and is extremely empowering.''


''Lucy is a strong and confident woman who will empower you to feel the same way about yourself. She is comfortable and easy to talk to, letting you allow yourself to express your feelings/thoughts without any judgement. As well as being a supportive, mindful, and a powerful coach, she will also be a friend who will make you laugh, feel calm, and will make you see the positives in yourself/life! She has the biggest heart and freest spirit!''

Sophie- 34 Finance Manager

''Lucy is wonderfully friendly and easy to speak with. If you’re lacking in tools and guidance on how to move forward from a rut of low confidence, she’s your gal! I feel really lucky to have gotten to work with her over the past few weeks, during this time she has talked me through all the aspects of my life that I feel are keeping me down and provided me with some great strategies to combat this!''

Kirsty M- 45- Commerical Manager

''I felt immediately at ease working with Lucy and enjoyed her ability to build rapport quickly, enabling you to get the most out of the session.  Lucy listens well, questions what support you need and helps clarify your coaching goals. In the session, I explored a role play technique Lucy suggested and I felt it was a really powerful way to support an issue I felt I have carried with me for over 30 years! This had an immediate positive impact on my confidence challenge and now feel I am better equipped to deal with situations I have previously found challenging - brilliant!''


''Lucy is a great listener and has a great ability to pull out the answer from within you. She helped me identify the causes of my anxiety and how I can work to manage them. Every session left me feeling like I had moved on in some way - thank you Lucy!!''

Liz- Sep 2019

Liz- 34- Associate Brand Activation Manager

''I am so glad I reached out to Lucy to help me change my work circumstances which I was struggling with. Working closely with Lucy I was able to talk through what my key values were, face my issues and change this for the positive.
My biggest challenge was to realise that my work life balance was worth fighting for and she gave me the courage to change this by speaking up and starting a chain of events which changed my circumstances for the better.
Lucy has been great and possessed the many skills to help me to reach a place which I am now so much happier.
Best thing is that now I have been through this process, I can use these skills to help coach myself moving forward through any other circumstances.''



''By utter chance I found the 'Lucy Barrie - Life Coach' advert. It came at a significant point in my life. I practise mindfulness and well-being, and at that point still had some blocks I could not get beyond. I contacted Lucy, who responded promptly. Lucy is very flexible re meeting up - be it online or in person. The first session I found Lucy to be gentle and kind and able to direct my needs concisely. One of the first exercises she did with me was very powerful! This set the tone and I can vouch that I have overcome many of my personal obstacles with these sessions. ''

Lorna- 27- Photographer

''Speaking to Lucy was so easy, she is really friendly and understanding. Our sessions together were really helpful, I didn't realise I needed to get so much of my chest, but I felt so much lighter the next day''

''I attended an online zoom workshop with Lucy. It was for Confidence and empowerment. This was during lockdown and I needed it so much! With so much time spent in my own head, my mind was changing daily on things that I thought mattered. I attended the course a bit nervous, not because of Lucy but because I was going on a zoom call with other women I hadn’t met before. I didn’t fully know what would be expected of me but I was willing to give it a go! I’m SO pleased I did! We had a little meditation then the workshop began, we were put into small groups and sent to a meeting room (this is all on zoom) and talked about our limiting believes and how to turn them around and how it would feel... well, I cried and cried... I realised there and then what truly mattered and what I wanted to get from life. Since then, I’ve been working on myself, self love, self confidence and self worth, turning my limiting beliefs around for good! Lucy was so calm and confident with the group and gentle and kind, she is the type of person you can’t help but talk to her and tell her everything... she followed up with me after the course. If you’re reading this and you’re on the fence, I can promise you wholeheartedly, you won’t regret it. Wether it’s time on a free workshop, Paid workshop or her course clusters, it could definitely change your life and perspective on your situation. Thank you Lucy, I will forever be recommending you. X''

Gemma Sandercock- 28- Business owner & nail technican



''Lucy truly shifted a life's worth of limiting beliefs within me, and then activated my power all within one hour.''

Anonymous- NHS

''I attended a session with Lucy during a challenging time in my life. Before the session I felt down, lacking in confidence and was anxious. Throughout the session, Lucy was warm, welcoming and was able to put me at ease straightaway. Because of this, I felt able to open up to Lucy with ease and felt that she created a safe space. As part of the session Lucy guided me through a healing meditation which I found to be really useful and something that I hadn't experienced before. Afterwards I felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I would recommend Lucy to anyone. She had a great deal of experience, she listened to my needs and had my best interest at heart. This session really had a positive impact on my life. ''

''The session that I had with Lucy was beyond anything I could ever explain, she took me through a HUGE clearing and then guided me through reactivation and true connection with spirit, the downloads that came through just within the session we're huge but I feel like I will be benefiting from this activation for days. She spoke so beautifully and was so connected into my energy, it was a beautiful container to be in and the permission I was given allowed me a safe space to truly step in to my true power, thank you, thank you, thank you. Lucy truly shifted a life's worth of limiting beliefs within me, and then activated my power all within one hour.''

Shoana- Alignment Queen & Mentor- Australia

Emily- Australia 

‘’I went into my session with Lucy with a huge weight on my shoulders, feeling as though my life light was being drained out of me. She guided me through an inner child healing session in which I was returned to my safe space and was able to release an anxious attachment to my parents which had been draining my energy. She refilled me with love and light and held a warm space the entire time. I left the session feeling like I was floating all while wrapped in a warm embrace of a cocoon. The session was a huge weight lifted and I have felt a whole new space open up to welcome in love and light. I was left speechless not expecting such a huge shift within an hour, thank you Lucy, your power with finding the source of emotional and energetic drainage and removing it is incredible. Forever grateful for our session.''