The Women's Circle is a place for you to feel supported, empowered, heal yourself and release what is holding you back.


Women's Circle

This workshop is held on zoom for 12 women only.

 I host a private circle for women to give them space and an opportunity to work on themselves. 

In the circle...

  • I pull an affirmation & Angel card for you

  • I guide you through a relaxing meditation & visualisation giving you the opportunity to ground yourself & prepare for the circle.

  • As a group we connect & talk about how we are feeling in a safe & respectful environment. A time for you to feel supported & empowered by other inspiring women. (You do not have to share more than you feel comfortable)

  • I guide you through a burning ceremony where you can burn your limiting beliefs, negative situations, thoughts, people and experiences you need to release. Whatever it is you're needing to let go of, plus some extra ones I will give you to burn.

  • I guide you through a coaching exercise to help you tune into the burning ceremony even more!

  • This is an incredibly powerful exercise guaranteed to help you move forward from your current situation.

  • In the circle we also create empowering new beliefs, thoughts, feelings or situations all related to the ones you are burning!!

  • After this I take you through a final mediation & visualisation allowing you to feel most able to move forward, feel happy, empowered, excited and ready to take your next steps.

You have access to my support and advice during the whole workshop.

The beauty of this women's circle is you can keep coming back each time to keep you moving forward in your life. Rather than do it once and get stuck again, you can keep the momentum to help you feeling your best self.

Date TBC

Location Zoom


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You will be sent the registration link & payment details (I do this to ensure that there is women only attending)

Here is what Lucy, Kate, Lauren & Gemma said who attended my recent workshops...

You can find more testimonials on my testimonials page.


''Wow... I attended Lucy’s burning ritual this afternoon and it was honestly incredible. I was able to let go of so many things and burn them away. Releasing that negativity was so empowering and Lucy supported us all the way! The meditation at the end was amazing and really rounded off the session by making sure we were relaxed and had affirmations!!! I would highly recommend Lucy for any workshops and for individual coaching! Xxx''



''I was lucky enough to be part of Lucy's women circle today. Little did I know how much I needed her positive words and encouragement! What an inspirational women who made me take a step back and take the time to think about me and how I can change my outset and thought process. I learnt so much and am confident I can smash all I need to to get to where I want to be.''


''I attended Lucy’s burning ceremony and found both empowering and therapeutic. It was a small intimate workshop so we could all listen to each other’s thoughts, which reassured me that it’s common to have negative feelings towards yourself as a woman. As we wrote down our negative thoughts on a paper it made me feel lighter and as we burned them it felt great knowing these are just thoughts that can easily be thrown away. In addition, I thought it was empowering that for one negative thing we also wrote down a positive affirmation to remind ourselves we are confident, growing, beautiful women who are so much more than our thoughts and opinions! Lucy’s workshop did so much for my self-esteem and I loved connecting with the other members!''


Women's Circle