12 weeks of 1:1 coaching + 4 top-up sessions


  • Not believe in yourself?

  • Not feel good about yourself?

  • Not feel good enough?

  • Not feel confident?

  • Not like, love or even own who you are?

  • Struggle to pursue your dreams or even identifying what they are?

  • Feel anxious and struggle with your mood?

  • Care too much about what other people think?

  • Compare yourself to others?

  • Always doubting yourself?

  • You hide from the world? (Avoid being in pictures, on Instagram & avoid dating or date idiots)

  • Do you feel your low self-worth & self-esteem are stopping you from moving forward?

  • You are struggling with your mental health because of all this?

What YOU get out of working with me?


  • You struggle to like & own who you are?

  • You struggle with your low self-esteem & often feel bad about yourself?

  • You're stuck in this cycle?

  • You don't know how to get out?

  • You struggle even seeing you could feel differently?

  • You can't imagine a life feeling confident & happy in who you are?

What's included?

  • x 1 90 min REVIVE YOUR SOUL session- (the first session we have together to begin the journey, this is where the magic begins)

  • x 11 60 min coaching sessions 

  • x 4 60 min top-up sessions- (To be used within 4 months of finishing the 12 weeks)

  • x1 Complimentary Mood boosting planner 

  • x1 Crystal chosen for you based on your needs 

  • A library of unlimited personalised meditations

  • Whatsapp  support in between sessions

  • Homework to help you progress

  • My skills & training from coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

What will we cover?

This program is designed based on the evidence & support my clients need but is always adaptable to new clients who come on board. 



  • Not sure where these thoughts & feelings come from? Evidence shows they stem from childhood, how can you move forward without addressing & healing the past. This is where we build the foundations of our time together. This is what is called, 'inner child healing'. We dive into past experiences, core beliefs you have about yourself & experiences you've had, I use meditations here to help you access & connect to the younger you.



  • How can we build a healthy & happy life if we don't find our voice, inner strength and confidence. In the first few weeks we will have gained an understanding as to where your low self-esteem & lack of confidence comes from. Now it is time to build yourself back up.

  • We will dive into your relationships, your current & past experiences to help you feel more comfortable standing your ground.

  • We learn to set powerful boundaries with people in your life and with your inner critic.

  • Setting boundaries & having a voice has a huge part to play when re-discovering yourself. You have to show your value from within and stop letting people push you around. Remember you are a queen.

WEEKS 9-12


  • Identifying who you are as this new empowered version of yourself

  • Uncovering & connecting with your inner queen

  • Waking up to the truth there is more available to you (bloody exciting, let's mind map for the future!)

  • Setting you up for life, with practical coaching tasks, you have built the foundation of strong self-worth & self-esteem over the last 12 weeks.

WEEK 13-16


  • To be used as & when needed (need to be used within 4 months of finishing the 12 weeks) to help you continue your journey & implement all you have learnt over the past 12 weeks

  • Giving you the opportunity to thrive with background support

The work I do with clients is beyond what I can describe on a web page. It is impactful, it releases emotion, it will make you cry, it will make you excited. It is incredible. This information gives you a mere snippet.

Book in a £30 taster session and learn more about my coaching.



''At the time of first starting with Lucy, I was in a pretty crap place. I had no confidence, struggled being assertive at work and in my relationship. I felt out of control and knew I wasn't happy and in order to be happy I had to address these issues. For me first deciding to invest in coaching was daunting and spending money worried me. But I realised I would spend this money on my car, a holiday, why would you not spend that money investing in yourself. I realised I had to invest in myself. I am a big believer that short term loss is a long term gain. This was a short term financial loss for a long term life change. My first 90 minute session with lucy was so moving and emotional. Lucy did a visualisation to work on connecting and healing my childhood self. I knew from that session on I made the right decision, What followed from there was incredible, two weeks in I made huge life changes and I continued to change and grow. I am so much more confident. assertive, self aware and have a better understanding of who I am. I feel more connected to my body and also feel so much better about who I am and my body. My relationships, work and money have all changed. My friends tell me I look so happy and glowing. I no longer suffer with anxiety. The results have been amazing. I would recommend Lucy to anyone,  If you feel you can't afford to invest in yourself, I think you should do it, this experience has been more powerful than any holiday I have ever been on. Just do it, there is no better

investment than yourself.''


''Oh my!!!! I've just finished 8 week one to one coaching sessions with Lucy and the transformation within myself is incredible!! I signed up to the coaching because I felt lost, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I felt like something was holding me back from believing in myself and living my dream life. Lucy was down to earth, listened, was open and honest, it felt like I was just talking to a friend!! I've grown in confidence, I've learnt to control my anxiety and not let it take over and rule my life. I'm excited for my future, I believe in myself and I know I can do anything I want!! If you are hesitant and feel stuck, book your introductory call with Lucy, you will not look back! Trust me!!''

Kirsty M-

''I felt immediately at ease working with Lucy and enjoyed her ability to build rapport quickly, enabling you to get the most out of the session.  Lucy listens well, questions what support you need and helps clarify your coaching goals. In the session, I explored a role play technique Lucy suggested and I felt it was a really powerful way to support an issue I felt I have carried with me for over 30 years! This had an immediate positive impact on my confidence challenge and now feel I am better equipped to deal with situations I have previously found challenging - brilliant!''


''Slimming world, weight watchers, crash diets, I have tried them all. Not only did they not work in the long term, but they made me feel guilty when my weight yo-yo’d. My relationship with myself was damaging, self deprecating and toxic. I valued my self worth on my weight that week. After one session with Lucy, I realised how unkind I was being to myself. Lucy talked me through the realities of treating my body and mind that way. Over the next few weeks we looked at how to change my relationship with weight, food and exercise so that I was not only healthier physically, but kinder and more forgiving with myself. I have never felt more liberated and I’d like to thank Lucy for changing my outlook. I am happier than I’ve ever been without a crash diet in sight. Lucy is a Life Coach for a reason.''


A personalized transformational program to get you to feeling your strongest & most confident self

(Virtual or Face to Face at my home in Bournemouth)


Katy's Journey



£1,699 in full


x 5 monthly payments at £339.80

How do you get started?

I offer a £30 60 min taster session to introduce you into my work, get a feel for me as a coach and help you make a decision whether to make the full investment.

What do you get in return:

My client Katy, a year since we started working together she has now...

Set boundaries & walked away from unhealthy relationships, excelled in her career. set up her own Biz, improved her friendships & finally has the confidence she has always dreamed of.

Lucy's Journey

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