Anonymous- Workshop

''Lucy thank you thank you thank you thank you for the workshop. I've never had such a profound reaction to a visualisation before and I feel more connected to my inner goddess than I have done in years. Maybe even ever. I really appreciate it. I also love how you make such a safe space. It's wonderful when women come together''.

C.K.- Women's Circle

''I really enjoyed being part of Lucy’s women’s circle workshop. It felt empowering and therapeutic to burn my negative thoughts and write and share my positive ones. Would definitely recommend.'

Lucy P- Women's Circle

''OH MY GOD that was amazing in so many ways! I can't stop crying and shaking! The energy I felt from my future self in the last meditation was so powerful and strong, I feel like it's taken over my whole body. So many things to take away from that session, and at the perfect time too''

Kate- Women's Circle

''I was lucky enough to be part of Lucy's women circle today. Little did I know how much I needed her positive words and encouragement! What an inspirational women who made me take a step back and take the time to think about me and how I can change my outset and thought process. I learnt so much and am confident I can smash all I need to to get to where I want to be.''

Imogen- 26- Primary Teacher- Women's Circle

''Lucy created such a positive environment which enable me to feel relaxed within the circle of women that were present. What I loved most about the burning ceremony, was that Lucy empowered me to feel confident in myself. I cant wait to join her again!''

Lauren- Women's Circle

''I attended Lucy’s burning ceremony and found both empowering and therapeutic. It was a small intimate workshop so we could all listen to each other’s thoughts, which reassured me that it’s common to have negative feelings towards yourself as a woman. As we wrote down our negative thoughts on a paper it made me feel lighter and as we burned them it felt great knowing these are just thoughts that can easily be thrown away. In addition, I thought it was empowering that for one negative thing we also wrote down a positive affirmation to remind ourselves we are confident, growing, beautiful women who are so much more than our thoughts and opinions! Lucy’s workshop did so much for my self-esteem and I loved connecting with the other members!''

''I attended an online zoom workshop with Lucy. It was for Confidence and empowerment. This was during lockdown and I needed it so much! With so much time spent in my own head, my mind was changing daily on things that I thought mattered. I attended the course a bit nervous, not because of Lucy but because I was going on a zoom call with other women I hadn’t met before. I didn’t fully know what would be expected of me but I was willing to give it a go! I’m SO pleased I did! We had a little meditation then the workshop began, we were put into small groups and sent to a meeting room (this is all on zoom) and talked about our limiting believes and how to turn them around and how it would feel... well, I cried and cried... I realised there and then what truly mattered and what I wanted to get from life. Since then, I’ve been working on myself, self love, self confidence and self worth, turning my limiting beliefs around for good! Lucy was so calm and confident with the group and gentle and kind, she is the type of person you can’t help but talk to her and tell her everything... she followed up with me after the course. If you’re reading this and you’re on the fence, I can promise you wholeheartedly, you won’t regret it. Wether it’s time on a free workshop, Paid workshop or her course clusters, it could definitely change your life and perspective on your situation. Thank you Lucy, I will forever be recommending you. X''

Gemma Sandercock-29- Business Owner & Nail Technician- Workshop

Lucy Hannah- 29- Coach- Women's Circle

''Wow... I attended Lucy’s burning ritual this afternoon and it was honestly incredible. I was able to let go of so many things and burn them away. Releasing that negativity was so empowering and Lucy supported us all the way! The meditation at the end was amazing and really rounded off the session by making sure we were relaxed and had affirmations!!! I would highly recommend Lucy for any workshops and for individual coaching! Xxx''


''I attended Lucy’s guided meditation workshop and would highly recommend. Lucy was warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease from the beginning. The space she created to do the meditation was calm and formed a positive environment. I have previously done meditation before but this was by far, the best meditation experience I have had. During the meditation, Lucy expertly guided me through the meditation and through this, allowed me to be fully present in the moment. I would definitely return for another guided meditation session.''

Workshop testimonials




Lucy thank you thank you thank you thank you for the workshop. I've never had such a profound reaction to a visualisation before and I feel more connected to my inner goddess than I have done in years.