Waking up to your divine future workshop

If you are feeling this pandemic has awakened you that you are not happy in your life and you want more then this is for you.

In the workshop I do meditations, visualisations, coaching exercises and journal prompts to help you get crystal clear on...

- who you want to be

- where you want to be

- what you want your life to look like

- what dream career have you secretly longed for

- and how to get aligned with your souls purpose

Purchase the workshop replay and watch it at your convenience, plus life time access to the workshop.






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Hire me out for a private workshop!!

I run intimate & transformational workshops for women on a variety of subjects. 

I run my own workshops but am also able to be hired for groups, parties and birthdays for a spark of fun, inspiration and empowerment.


Prices vary, message me for a quote and to tell me more about what you would like me to organise for you. Can be held via Zoom or in person.

I am based in Bournemouth and can offer face to face workshops-

If you are outside of 3 mile radius I will charge for petrol.

Topics include:

  • Confidence

  • Self belief

  • Self esteem

  • Empowerment

  • Relationship you have with your mind, body & soul

  • Body Image

  • Positive Mindset

  • Anxiety 

  • Managing low mood

  • Going after your dreams

Workshops can vary from:

  • Talks

  • Interactive mood board and creative sessions

  • Burning ceremonies

  • Meditation & Angel Card Readings

  • And more

Email me at: contact@lucybarrieconfidencecoach.com



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If you would like to be kept up to date with other workshops please email me at contact@lucybarrieconfidencecoach.com